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Useful Academic Literacy Websites

There are so many useful websites with useful academic literacy materials and lesson ideas. See below for a few that we've come across!

Useful Academic Literacy Websites: List


This website by Andy Gillet contains some great activities and ideas for lesson materials. It has everything you need for academic literacy!

EAP Foundation

Another useful website with resources for practitioners and students. It also has some useful YouTube videos.

Academic English Online

A website from Queen Mary, University of London. It is a self-navigable site with resources for students. 

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Many are familiar with this website! Another fantastic resource!

Academic Phrasebank

Students can make use of this website to improve their vocabulary!

University of Reading - Academic reading

A fantastic resource if you're looking for REAL academic lectures for students to listen to. 

Useful Academic Literacy Websites: List
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