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Welcome to SAAALP

The overarching aim of SAAALP is to provide like-minded South African academic literacy practitioners with a space to discuss key issues of the day; share ideas and insights into AL best practice; and form a supportive community of practice. Ultimately, we aim to increasingly professionalise the AL field in South Africa and ensure that students receive the best provision possible. This will also be a space for innovation and advice from fellow practitioners to ensure the future development of the field.


Mission and Goals

The mission of SAAALP is to promote the professional development of academic literacy practitioners through research, professional meetings, sharing of best practices, and the formation of professional networks.

Our goals are to:

  • Host/facilitate academic literacy professional development meetings.

  • Collaborate with local and international bodies in the field of academic literacy.

  • Establish an academic literacy journal.

  • Host an annual academic literacy conference.

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